Why Host an Au Pair

The Advantages of Hosting an Au Pair

Better, More Effective and Stress-Free Approach to Childcare

Having a nanny that lives with your family is invaluable and can be quite expensive. With an Au Pair, you can get a live-in nanny at a fraction of a cost but with the same amazing benefits for your family

The biggest one is that you will know that your children are at home and in good, trusted hands. Which means you have flexible childcare. This will open up so many possibilities for you, including an occasional date with your spouse or a guilt-free night out with friends. 

Having an Au Pair will transform your family’s life and help you find the much-coveted balance. Are au pairs cheaper than nannies?

Is there a way to take away the stress from childcare?

Whether you have already hosted an Au Pair or not, we will help you in either case. The 5-step procedure that we have developed has proved to be more effective, providing you with a better experience and greater success.


Thousands of families have already turned a new leaf in their life, acquired new experiences, and made friends for life with our help.


Is This the Program for Me?

If you are overwhelmed by parenting and feel that chores and routine make you miss out on so many opportunities to bond with your kids, then Au Pair is definitely the program for you. It can help you if:

  • You and your spouse work full-time and need someone to take care of the kids during the day (including school-age and pre-school children);
  • You are a busy stay-at-home parent and need assistance with various chores during the day (including homework, reading, light housework, cooking, etc.).

You will be getting much more than an extra pair of hands. Think about all the quality and fun time you will be able to spend with your children. Having a live-in nanny is going to bring more joy into your life. Moreover, for many, their Au Pair becomes a part of the family and a dear friend afterward.

How to Register as Family, Please register here :

Family Application


What you Will Personally Get from the Program


The 5-step procedure

The consultation process a dedicated consultant will handle your case, support, and help you decide whether Au Pair care is a good option for you.
au pair process step 2
Preparation is keywe provide training to future Au Pairs and give you a family handbook where we provide not only online rules and schedules but also give you an in-depth explanation of the program and its benefits.

The recruitment & screening–we have designed a recruitment procedure that gives our Au Pairs confidence and enough knowledge to start the program with ease. Our partners in countries around the world help us with this.
au pair step 4
Worldwide connections –our Au Pairs come from different countries. We make sure we provide them with plenty of connections with their peers, giving them opportunities to experience everyday life in Canada and have fun with other Au Pairs and new friends on the weekend.
au pair steps 5
We source your next au pair –when the time to find the next Au Pair comes, we will be even more efficient with all the information we know about you.

Au Pairs will get a comprehensive idea of what modern life is, including:

  • Taking care of children before and after nursery, playgroup, or school (including help with dressing, bathing, or washing)
  • Learning to change nappies or potty train
  • Helping with the school run or getting to and from clubs and other activities outside the home
  • Driving (assessment, lessons, insurance are arranged by host families)
  • Carrying out bedtime routines
  • Cooking simple meals for the kids, occasional help with family meals
  • Setting and clearing the table, washing the dishes
  • Cleaning around the house and keeping their own room (and bathroom) tidy (including vacuuming, dusting, making beds, etc.)
  • Helping with laundry
  • Occasional small grocery shopping 
  • Assisting with kids’ homework 

Our host family says it all:

“Having an Au Pair stay with your family is so freeing. You can be sure that your children are taken care of at all times. Your Au Pair will help you with two, three, or even more children and you will not have to pay anything above the existing fee. It is like having a new family member!”