Packing checklist for Au pairs

Please do not over-pack, flights in Canada often have a luggage limit of 20 kg

Hand Luggage
o PassportAu pair packing tips
o Tickets
o Visa
o $$ for first weeks
o Driver’s licence
o Credit card
o Insurance details
o Host family contact details
o Laptop
o Mobile phone (unlocked)
o Camera
o Glasses (+extra pair)
o Sunglasses
o Contact lenses for first 2 weeks
o Medication
o Fresh undies & t-shirt or full change of light clothes

It may be winter when you get here and January can get quite cold in most of Canada so bring a coat and some jumpers.All homes have central heating.
Pack mostly practical stuff, jeans, shorts, t-shirts and flat shoes. In summer you can wear flip-flops most days!
o Jumper
o Coat or jacket
o T-shirts
o Jeans
o Shorts
o Underwear
o Easy shoes
o Smart shoes
o Outfit for partying with friends
o Smart outfit (think school event or fancy restaurant with host family, special occasion)
o Swim suit
o Hat (sun protection)
o Sports wear

Toiletries & personal care
o Shampoo (small bottle for first week)
o Conditioner (as above)
o Moisturising cream
o Tampons/sanitary towels
o Razor
o Sunscreen (high factor)
o Deodorant
o Contraception (get extra supply if using oral)
o Hair dryer/straightener + adapter (check with host parents if there is a spare in the house; these can be heavy)

Other handy items
o Beach bag and/or overnight bag
o Supply of contact lenses for duration
o Extension cable with multiple sockets; that way you only need one adapter and you can plug in several appliances at once
o Adapter
o Small note book and pen
o Gift for host family; small and easy to carry but specific to your country or city, be careful with food items, Canada has very strict quarantine rules
o Gift for young children; a small book with nursery rhymes is a great way to teach them a few words of your language
o Photos to put in your bedroom
o Gift ideas for friends and family
o Laptop with built-in webcam (great for Skype!)
o Good pocket size cam