About us

About Au Pair Canada

Au Pair Canada is a Canadian agency which places students, and young professionals into cultural exchange programs. You can choose from work and travel, language courses, Au pair placement, internships, study programs and gap year travel. The director of the business, has been an Au Pair herself during her travels when she was 23 years old, she recognised that her professional and cultural background can help working parents find alternative solutions to the work/life balance. Read more about how to get started.

We have programs in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain.

Our Mission

Our aim is to make cultural exchange accessible for every young person, be it as a student, through seasonal or voluntary work at the start of a professional career, or as an Au pair experiencing living with a foreign family. We provide an important service to Canadian families in need of childcare support as the other side of the cultural exchange program.

In a fast-changing and challenging world it is vital to promote global awareness and inter-connectedness. We believe living and working in an overseas country or hosting an overseas person will offer this. Our diversity of programs does mean that there is something suitable for everyone, regardless of your budget. Take on the challenge and take the world in your hand, it was made for you!

Our Commitment

We offer a high level of service, and support through out the entire placement period. We are actual people and not just a web based service. We are committed to help you making the right decision matching your interest, ambition, personality and budget.

We only work with reputable international partners and have long standing relationships with them. For instance, all our English language courses institutions that we place with are accredited and all our Au Pair partner agencies all comply with IAPA (international au Pair Association) codes of conduct.

Our team

Every one on our team has lived, studied, worked or travelled extensively overseas, either as interns, Au Pairs, volunteers or work and travel programs. They also speak other languages besides English. We know how you feel; we understand you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone.  We know how to help you in making the right decisions on the program and will guide you all the way.

Au pair Canada was founded by Anabell Rosas in 2008, she has lived, studied and  worked in herself in Australia and Canada,  and has travelled extensively through out the world. And her background means she has a deep understanding of the value of cross cultural experiences.