Benefits & Au pair Salary in Canada

Discover the benefits of being an au pair:

Studying at a local university, paid vacations, the opportunity to travel and much more!

Being an au pair is a unique opportunity to learn, grow and get to know Canada. As a participant in the program, you are entitled to receive special compensation and benefits.

Here's what your participation in the program includes:

Support around the world Au Pair Canada offers you global support in each phase of your training, preparation of your profile and visa process.

Free Time –You are entitled to 2 weeks of vacation per year in which you continue to receive your salary. In addition, the visa allows you an additional month of travel to visit Canada at the end of your au pair period.
au pair benefits
Learning Opportunities –As an au pair, you will attend classes of your choice at a local university or institute. Your host family will allow you to attend classes.

Accomodation and all meals–Your host family will provide you with room and board, as well as a minimum weekly salary according to the minimum wage, between $13 CAD and $16.00 CAD. Money for your pocket!

Organization of your tripThe price of the flight and the organization of the trip to your host family are covered. You will start the program with a five-day training course

There are many benefits to becoming an au pair in Canada.  Not only will you make new friends, improve your English and gain valuable work experience as you care for your host family’s children, there are many other benefits available when you become an au pair.

Financial Benefits

Financial benefits are not just limited to your au pair salary. As an au pair with Au pair Canada, you:au-pair-canada-agency

  • Earn a weekly stipend. Au Pairs are paid minimum wage, which varies in every province between $13 CAD and $16 CAD per hr. and then room and board, which  can be deducted, they are paid depending on the level of responsibility.
  • Enjoy one week with continuous payment of the pocket money for travel in Australia and Canada
  • 6 month access to an Online English course
  • Extend your stay for an additional year and earn another $10,000+ a year
  • A participation certificate

Other Au Pair Benefits

  • Placement with a carefully screened host family
  • Two weeks of paid vacation for a 12 month contract, one week if your placement is for a shorter period of time
  • Private room and meals provided with your host family
  • The opportunity to travel for 30 days at the end of your program
  • Immersion in the English – Canadian culture and in your host family’s life.
  • Full support from Au pair Canada during your stay. Read more about the 5 reasons to choose an Au pair agency
  • Opportunities to attend an English language course.
  • Opportunity to extend for another 6 months
  • 1.5 – 2 days off/week
  • Gain independence and self-confidence
  • Live as an equal member of your host family

Support for Au Pairs

Au pair Canada wants you to have the best possible experience during your time in Canada. Our staff is here to provide you with advice and support that will help you make the most of your au pair experience.

Representatives in Your Home Country

Our support begins with a representative in your home country. The representative will provide you (and your family) with information about the program, support you during the application process and prepare you before you depart for your adventure as an au pair.

Your Area Director

Your main point of contact in Canada will be your Area Director, who lives within an hour’s drive of your host family home. Your Area Director will:

  • Put you in contact with other au pairs in your area
  • Organize local social and cultural events for au pairs
  • Maintain close contact with you and your host family during the year
  • Encourage effective communication and issue resolution for you and your host family
  • Answer all of your questions about travel and official documents

The Area Director’s most important role is to help both you and your host family have a successful and enjoyable year. Communication and adjustment questions, homesickness, or misunderstandings are best overcome with assistance from your Area Director.  Your Area Director will be an incredible support and resource for you.

24 Hour Support

In addition to your Area Director, we also provide au pairs and host families with support in the event of an urgent situation or emergency.