The Au Pair screening process

Each Au Pair must…

 Possess a minimum of 200 hours referenced childcare.

 Complete a one-on-one interview (an interview report is available for you to view).

 Complete an application with detailed information about their childcare experience.

 Provide a medical and police check and 2 references which are verified by our team.

 Provide photos / video and information about the type of family they are seeking.


Each Au pair’s application includes:

  • Detailed application with personal and professional history
  • Photographs (and optional video)
  • Childcare experience and hours accumulated
  • Criminal background check
  • Professional references
  • Personal references
  • Proof of education and degree
  • Physical exam and medical history
  • English language assessment

How does our au pair service differ from other agencies?

Some agencies require you to search through online databases, and this can lead to disappointment if other families are also interested in a particular applicant. We offer a personal service and do the work for you. We present you with detailed files of applicants who we feel match your needs, saving you time and effort.

How Au Pair Canada Agency Screens Au Pairs

Introduction: When it comes to finding reliable and trustworthy caregivers for your children, it’s essential to work with an agency that takes the screening process seriously. Au Pair Canada Agency recognizes the importance of matching families with qualified and responsible au pairs.

As the demand for au pairs continues to grow, agencies play a crucial role in the screening and selection process to ensure the safety and compatibility of both the au pairs and the host families.

We will explore the meticulous screening procedures implemented by Au Pair Canada Agency to ensure the highest standards of care for Canadian families.

  1. Application and Initial Assessment: The screening process begins with the au pair’s application. Au Pair Canada Agency requires potential candidates to complete a detailed application form that includes personal information, childcare experience, educational background and motivations for becoming an au pair. This step helps filter out applicants who do not meet the agency’s basic criteria. We carefully review these applications to ensure that candidates meet basic requirements such as age, education level, and language proficiency.
  2. Comprehensive Interviews: Candidates who pass the initial assessment proceed to a series of interviews with Au Pair Canada Agency’s experienced staff members. These interviews delve deeper into the applicant’s motivation, character, and ability to handle the responsibilities of being an au pair. The agency assesses the candidate’s communication skills, attitude towards childcare, and compatibility with Canadian family values.
  3. Reference Checks: To validate an au pair’s qualifications and experience, Au Canada Agency contacts the applicant’s previous employers, educators, or other relevant references. These reference checks help establish a candidate’s trustworthiness, reliability, and their ability to handle childcare responsibilities effectively.
  4. Medical Examination and Health Screening: The health and well-being of the children are of utmost importance, and therefore, Au Pair Canada Agency requires candidates to undergo a comprehensive medical examination. This examination ensures that the au pair is physically and mentally fit to handle the demands of the job. Any health concerns that may affect their ability to provide optimal care are identified during this process.
  5. Background and Police Checks: Child safety is paramount, which is why Au Pair Canada Agency conducts thorough background and police checks on all potential au pairs. These checks may include criminal record checks, identity verification, and driving history. This step helps verify the applicant’s criminal record history, ensuring that no prior convictions or red flags exist. By doing so, the agency aims to maintain the utmost safety and security for the host families and their children.
  6. Skills Assessment: Au Pair Canada Agency also assesses the au pair’s practical skills through additional screening methods. This can include testing the candidate’s ability to engage with children, manage emergencies, and demonstrate knowledge of age-appropriate activities. Such assessments provide a better understanding of the candidate’s capabilities and level of expertise in childcare. Proof of educational achievement, any relevant childcare training, a valid driver’s license, First Aid certification, or any other qualifications that are relevant.
  7. Cultural Exchange Evaluation: As the au pair program promotes cultural exchange, Au Pair Canada Agency places importance on evaluating the candidate’s ability and willingness to engage in a cross-cultural experience. The agency ensures that the au pair is genuinely interested in embracing the Canadian culture while sharing their own cultural background with the host family.

Matching Process – Once the screening and assessment phases are complete, our agency begins the matching process. This step involves carefully considering the preferences and requirements of both the au pairs and the host families. Factors such as the au pair’s age, language proficiency, interests, and specific childcare experience are taken into account to find a suitable match. Our agency facilitates the introduction and communication between the au pair and potential host families, allowing both parties to assess their compatibility.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

An agency’s responsibility does not end once a match is made. We play a crucial role in providing ongoing support and monitoring throughout the au pair placement. We invite you to keep regular contact with us, to ensure that any concerns or issues are promptly addressed. This support can include guidance on cultural adjustment, troubleshooting conflicts, and providing resources for further training or development.

Au Pair Canada Agency’s rigorous screening process is designed to provide Canadian families with peace of mind and the confidence that their children are in capable hands. By conducting comprehensive interviews, reference checks, medical examinations, background and police checks, skills assessments, and cultural exchange evaluations, the agency ensures that only the most qualified and responsible au pairs are selected. The commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care and child safety is at the core of Au Pair Canada Agency’s mission, making them a trusted partner for families seeking reliable childcare assistance.