Au pair Canada Reviews

Good day Anabell,
I would like to thank you for your great work through the process of finding Au Pair !
I really like Maria Leipold and we have developed a nice complicity together
She is very helping, charming, good sense of responsibility and sensitive to our need and take initiative to help us.
And I gave her a nice and warm welcome and integration in our family life style and gave her a comfortable environment and feeling of appartenance.
I am very happy with the great service of your very professional agency Au Pair, because she had her passeport, visa, her life insurance, her international driver license and the acknowledge of what is to be an Au Pair.
I would like to know more about French course language for Maria Leipold. What kind of course she is authorised to take? Who is responsible to pay for her course?

Thank you for your answer and have a great weekend !
Veroncia De Foy
Boucherville, Québec

We had a very positive experience with this company. After doing a great deal of research, this agency was the only one who offered nanny applicants from various countries like Europe, South America, South Africa and Asia.
All the other agencies only seem to offer Filipino nannies which is fine but we wanted a change.
We ended up hiring a lovely girl from Mexico, a former US Au pair . She also has a valid drivers licence and we have been quiet happy with her and the general service we received from Au pair Canada.

Elisabeth Lee T.

Our au pair arrived a few weeks ago. The whole process was smooth and pretty pain free. Ideally, I would like for the au pair to stay longer than 11 months but I guess that is how the program is designed. Overall, would recommend them if you need a quick childcare solution.

Rachel Dejager

We hired a German Au Pair through this agency. The processing only took 7 weeks which was much faster than hiring a foreign nanny( 8 months). Most of our friends hire illegal Au Pairs on tourist visas, we didn’t want to go this route.
Nice staff and they always answer emails or the phone compared to other nanny services.

Elmira Lipp

Very professional all around. We had a very negative experience with a different agency and were nervous about using a nanny service again. Friendly staff and our nanny turned out great. They always answer the phone and provide support for the entire placement.

Krista Torshizi

We used this agency to apply for a LMIA application to hire a caregiver applicant from Peru. The application was approved within 3 weeks 🙂 and our caregiver arrived after 12 weeks. Would use them again in the future.

Kathleen Cudmore

We hired an Australian Au Pair recently and are very happy with the Au Pair. . Quick, efficient process and Laura is a perfect fit for our family.
No negatives using this agency.

Theresa Tomie