Au Pair jobs in Canada

We have lovely au pair jobs available in Canada

And you can apply if you have some babysitting experience and are eligible for the Working Holiday Visa.

You will be placed before you fly so wait until then to book your flights.

Going on a gap year as a nanny to Canada will be an unbelievable experience for you and probably the trip of a life time. With the help of Au Pair Canada it is an experience you don’t need to put off any longer! Take the world in your hand with Au Pair Canada.

Have you ever wanted to visit the Niagara Falls? Have you ever wondered how big the largest shopping mall in Canada really is?  Are Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary on your list of things to do? You can, take a work and travel Gap year and work as an Au Pair or Nanny in Canada!

Our complete Au Pair / Nanny placement package includes help with all aspects of documentation such as the application, visa, flights, insurance and of course, placement with a background checked and completely screened family. You will receive ongoing local support and attend social functions organised by our local representative in your area. You can be assured that our program is safe and secure and offers you a complete legal work package for you to enjoy your time in Canada.

What do I do as an overseas Nanny or Au Pair in Canada?

As an Au Pair on a cultural exchange program you will live with a family in Canada and become a special member of the household. It is an opportunity to experience different customs and see other parts of the world. In exchange you provide your “host family” with personalised child care. Read more about the typical au pair daily schedule

Placement Periods

Participation in the Au Pair in Canada program is for strictly a minimum of 6 months, once there you may extend by another 6 or 12 months. More about the au pair working hours.

What do I get ?

  • Sponsorship 12 Month Cultural exchange visa so you can legally work in Canada
  • Full board and a private room with your host family
  • Weekly pay of US$195.75
  • 2 weeks paid (10 working days) annual leave
  • Online English course during 6 months.
  • Option to extend the program for additional 6, 9 or 12 months
  • Ongoing support from us for the duration of the placement

Au pair Wages

Au Pairs are paid a weekly wage and work between 25 and 45 hours depending on the host family’s needs. Wages (live in) can be anywhere between $10.20 per hour up to $11.00 per hour depending on the province your family lives in. Room and board are deducted from your wage and wages, working hours and room and board vary depending on the province. This gives you a net wage of around $1200 CAD per month live in.

Visa processing time is about 2 months. Au Pairs are considered part of the family and are usually placed in metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa.

Living Costs

The great thing about living in with a family is that you have hardly any living costs. Your room and board is already deducted from your wage (no more than $430CAD per month) – to live in a flat in the same area would cost about $1500CAD. For a 45 hour week with all deductions made including room and board and medical insurance, you would receive a net wage of $1200CAD per month.

Completion Bonus

You’ll also get a Completion Bonus at the end of your stay. The 9 month Completion Bonus is $350CAD and the 12 month Completion Bonus is $600CAD.

Free Time

You are free to do as you please in your free time (off hours), and a lot of the time the family may let you borrow the car on a mutual agreement. The pocket money you get per month is more than enough to spend weekends away, spend time with friends at coffee shops or the movies, and to do all the touristy things. Don’t forget Canada has some of the best Ski Fields in the world.

How To Apply

You must complete our application form and attend an interview. We have interviewers and your nearest one will contact you after we have received your application in full.