Au pair Interview Guide before you speak with your family in Canada

As soon as you are shortlisted for a Canadian host family,

Email your introduction to secure an interview

1. Be proactive
As soon as you are shortlisted for a family, send them an email to introduce yourself, say that you think you’d be a great match for their family because:
• You have experience with children their age
• You have very similar hobbies and interestsau pair interview tips
• You liked their family letter and feel that you have lots in common

2. Suggest days and times when you are available for a Skype interview.

3. Make sure you look presentable on Skype, in a quiet room and prepared for the interview.
Add the family contact in advance and be ready on time. Smile and talk positive.

4. Review host family profile, use the children’s names. Ask questions about the children and
the role. Find out about kids personalities and interests (sports, hobbies, etc.)

5. Always refer back to your childcare experience, talk about your past babysitting experience
and any other experience or qualifications you may have that might set you apart from other
au pairs.

6. Highlight why you’d be a good au pair for their family (I love playing soccer, and I’d love to
take your boys to the park to play etc, I also play the piano and would love to help with music

7. Reassure them. Some of our host families feel concerned about hosting a young au pair. If you are 18 give them extra reasons why they should chose you, talk about exchange programs, experiences
of independence and highlight what makes you mature and responsible.

8. Send a follow up email after the Interview, let them know that you enjoyed speaking to their
family and would love to be considered for the role. If you are not interested, email to decline politely so that the family can continue interviewing others. (PS – be honest, saying you have already found a family makes the family feel you have wasted their time!)