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Au Pair Canada is a Canadian based Au Pair Agency, providing a personal, professional recruitment service making sure families receive reliable, high quality, and affordable childcare. Au Pair Canada is based in Toronto, with a new office in Vancouver and covers all areas of British Columbia, Québec, Ontario and Alberta . Au pair Canada has been trading since 2005, and services all areas of Canada.

The Au Pair in Canada program is a fantastic way to combine work and travel. Whether you’re a first time traveller or an experienced one –in fact this hassle free program will allow you to become more than just tourist and experience the real Canada!

Benefits for Host Families

Hosting an Au pair through our Au pair Canada Agency is a cultural exchange and fulfilling experience that allows you to enjoy affordable childcare for your family. All our candidates are personally interviewed, as well as fully screened and reference checked and selected to match your requirements.

We provide a personal and efficient service in finding the right Au Pair for your family.

Through our complete process of profiles, interviews and reference checks, Au Pair Canada places Full Time, Part Time or Demi Au Pairs with families.

How much does an Au pair earn? 
Au pairs must be paid a wage equal to minimum Provincial wage standards. Room and Board as well as CPP and EI are deducted from this.

Currently, the hourly minimum wage across Canada is between $13.00 CAD and $15.65 CAD. Below are examples of how much the Au Pair is paid if working in Ontario:

  • If an Au Pair works 25 hours per week at $15.50 per hour with weekly room and board deductions of $85.25, the employer’s weekly out-of-pocket cost (including CRA remittances and vacation pay) will be $331.42
  • If an Au Pair works 40 hours per week at $15.50 per hour with weekly room and board deductions of $85.25, the employer’s weekly out-of-pocket cost (including CRA remittances and vacation pay) will be $583.82

An Au Pair is an affordable childcare option for families that have two or more children.

We offer No Registration Fees – we do NOT charge advance Fee Payments or Booking Fees.

Au pair Canada Program

Experience cultural live-in childcare on your schedule

Our program offers the lowest family fees in the Canadian Market. Our Au Pairs are personally interviewed by our international Partner Agencies. References are verified, police and medical reports are provided.

Furthermore, we screen and match international live in Au pairs with Canadian families in need of childcare support by providing the best Caregiver selection process on the market.

Why Au Pair Canada

Not only Au Pair Canada assists families by removing the risk and insecurity when finding an appropriate Au Pair, But also we’re real people and not just a web based service. We provide the real, personal communication which is so important. More about why choosing our au pair agency.

Our friendly staff are able to answer any questions you may have from our years of experience working with au pairs and families.

Support For Families And AuPairs

Experience the Au Pair Canada difference as we provide ongoing support to families and au pairs throughout the entire placement. Our support ensures success with the program for all parties.

Our High Quality Au pairs 

We provide a Personalised Matching service by carefully selecting Au pairs, our program Au pair Canada  allows both the candidate and host family to mutually select / accept each other after receiving several options.

Get Help In Your Home

Our Au Pair’s help alleviate the constant stress and rush in your home.

Au Pair Canada assists families by removing the risk and the insecurity of finding an appropriate Au Pair. We are actual people, and not just a web based service with no one to answer your questions.

Moreover, we provide that personal service that is so important. As a result, the benefits of hosting one of our Au Pairs are many:

Main Benefits

Affordable childcare
Children can be cared for in their own environment.
Care can be designed around the children’s needs.
Care is more flexible. For instance, many families find that the “rush” hour of getting children dressed, having breakfast or dinner and bath time is when they could most use an extra pair of hands.
Cultural experience – allowing you to expose your children to new languages and cultures.
School drop off and pick ups, along with after school activities. Imagine not having to try and plan who is driving who and where!.
It is very cost effective and can be used by families with children of all ages.
Hosting an overseas Au Pair provides a unique opportunity for your children to learn facets of another language and culture, which can be immensely rewarding.

Please note, while our au pairs have experience with children, the end responsibility for any children regardless of age, will always remain with the parents. Our Au Pairs will always be eager to follow family rules as well as observe the family members and how they manage the household.

All applicants have a police clearance from overseas, medical clearances, in addition to the correct visa for the program, and passport details. This is all taken care of by Au Pair Canada, before you accept any possible candidates. Our Au Pairs also go through a strict interview process before their profile is accepted.

How does Au pair Canada work?

Step 1 – Register – Our simple registration form is all online, making it easy to complete.
Step 2 – Consultation – When you register with Au Pair Canada, you will be contacted by one of our friendly team member to give you more information, get to know you better and guide you through the process.

Step 3 – Interviews – With our interview guide and your shortlist, the interview process is really easy.

We will provide you with Au Pair applicants who have been personally interviewed and match your requirements, You then have an interview with the Au Pair(s) to determine if they’re a suitable match, until we find your perfect Au Pair.

Step 4 – Invite your au pair – Simply invite your favourite au pair and we take care of the rest. We prepare your documentation and our partner agency helps your au pair with visa and flight booking and travel insurance.

Once your placement is confirmed, we organise the entire process including agreements, au pairs flights and visas, and orientations. Remember no match no fee guaranteed!
Furthermore, we provide you with advice any on-going support you need – including template contracts, Covid 19 visa requirements, template job offer/schedules etc. We also support your Au Pair during her stay.

Au Pairs in Canada are young adults between the ages of 18 and 28 who come to live as an extended member of their host family. Au Pairs generally provide 20-40 hours per week of childcare and light domestic duties plus some extra evening babysitting if required. The host family provides the au pair with their own bedroom, meals and pays for utilities.. How to register with Au pair Canada?


What distinguishes us from our competitors?

No registration fees
No extra payments

Register as a Family
Host Families: Looking for an Aupair?

Read about What is an Aupair
Au pair Duties
How much do you pay an Au pair in Canada
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Au Pair Canada Introduction Service

Every family has different needs. Many of our registered families have been long-term clients of our agency, as have many of our childcares .

For those client families who have the accommodation to offer to live in help, we are suggesting that you consider the services of an Au Pair to help you in the home.

Those families who only need assistance for before and after school care living in have the advantage of another pair of hands to assist you when you need help in the home and you are not able to be there.

An Au Pair is invited by the “Host Family” to come and live with the family, as part of the family and share the facilities of the house. In the same way, the Au Pair is provided with board and accommodation (her own bedroom) which should be comfortable and totally private.

Read more about Family Responsibilities In return for enjoying your hospitality the Au Pair is expected to assist in the home with general duties. More about au pair duties.

What a family can ask an Au Pair to do:

Her own washing and bedroom/bathroom!
Children’s washing/ironing and putting their clothes away + children’s bedding
Tidy children’s bedrooms, communal areas, emptying the bins.
Prepare children’s meals and washing up
Assist clearing up after meals – but this should be a joint task!
Help preparing the family meal – but this should be taken in turns
Help with the family laundry


Register as a Family
Au Pair Canada Program


With jobs in Toronto, jobs in Montreal, jobs in Alberta, Vancouver  and all over Canada – as a result, we can help you find a nanny job in Canada to best suit you!

As you will be living with a family and looking after their children, your work and accommodation will be organised before you leave, as a result  you’ll know exactly where you are going and what you will be doing.

This makes your Canadian adventure a whole lot easier as all the important stuff will have already been taken care of, so when you depart you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!


Have you dreamed about spending a year as Au pair in Canada? Get ready to have a rewarding year caring for children and living in a different country. This allows you to spend 6 months- with the option to extend your position for another 6 months – living with a host family and caring for their child.

You have the unique possibility to get to know the culture and customs of the country by living together with a local family. As au pair you will be hosted in a family like a new family member and support the family in childcare and light housework. Consequently, your host family helps you in return by providing accommodation and meals, a pocket money and makes you familiar with their culture.

Your stay will be a very unique experience with numerous benefits if everything is planned and organized well beforehand.

The Ultimate Travel Experience

Therefore it is important to inform yourself in detail about the program and to carefully think about your decision. Our team may assist you in this process and will support you throughout your complete stay. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, to be elegible, you need to be between 18 and 29 years of age, have experience caring for children, speak English, and be a high school graduate, among other requirements to be an au pair. And most importantly, all applicants must love children and enjoy spending time with them!

See what it’s like to be an aupair, are you qualified? Then learn more how to get started with your application

Au Pair Canada Program FAQ’S

The Concept of an Au Pair

The au pair program in Canada is a cultural exchange initiative allowing a person, typically a young adult from a foreign country, to live with a host family in a different country. In exchange for lodging, meals, and a stipend, the au pair offers childcare services and light household chores. This arrangement usually lasts for a pre-defined period, typically one year, although it can be extended or shortened based on mutual agreement.

The primary goal of the au pair program is cultural exchange. It offers an opportunity for the au pair to learn about a new culture, language, and lifestyle while sharing their own culture with the host family. For the host family, particularly the children, this arrangement presents an invaluable opportunity to learn about a different culture, often inspiring a lifelong interest in global affairs.

International Experience Canada (IEC)

For many, the International Experience Canada program is the closest to the au pair experience. The IEC allows young people (usually aged 18-35, but age limits can vary by country) from over 30 participating countries to work in Canada for up to two years. The work permit issued under this program is not job-specific, which means participants can work for any employer in Canada. As such, many foreign nationals use this as an opportunity to work as a nanny or childcare provider while experiencing Canadian culture, hence aligning it closely with the au pair experience.

While Canada doesn't have an official au pair program, the alternatives such as the International Experience Canada program offer comparable opportunities for young people to work and live in a foreign country. It allows them to gain invaluable international experience, improve language skills, and enjoy a cultural exchange that broadens their perspectives. However, individuals interested in such opportunities must ensure they understand the rights, responsibilities, and legal implications involved in these programs before making a decision.

As an au pair equivalent (such as an IEC participant working in child care), the individual's primary responsibilities usually include taking care of children and performing light household chores. Tasks might include preparing meals for children, dropping off and picking up children from school or activities, assisting with homework, playing and organizing games, and helping with bedtime routines. Light household duties might consist of cleaning up after meals, doing the children's laundry, or tidying up children's rooms and play areas.

It's important to note that an au pair is not a nanny or a housekeeper. The role is about mutual cultural exchange, and the au pair is to be treated as a member of the family rather than an employee. This means that they should be included in family meals, outings, celebrations, and other activities.

1. What age are au pairs?

Our au pairs are aged between 18 and 30 years old. Generally, full time au pairs will be 18-22 years.

2. How much do we pay our au pair?

Our full time au pairs are paid the hourly minimum wage, between $11.06 CAD and $15.00 CAD., plus accommodation in a private bedroom and access to 3 meals a day. We also recommend a completion bonus payment on completion of the 6 month placement. Please contact us for further information.

The part time and demi pair programs are an exchange only; accommodation in a private room plus access to 3 meals a day for 15- 20 hours work a week.

3. What level of English can we expect?

The English level of our applicants depends on the program. Our full time au pairs must have at least an intermediate to advanced level of English, which should be assessed in the interview. Part time and demi pair applicants may have a lower levels of English, depending on the applicant.

4. Can our au pair have sole care of children under 2?

Our full time au pairs have completed the relevant experience to look after children and will always have an excellent level of English. However we do not recommend sole care for infants under 2 years of age.

5. How long can my au pair stay?

Full time au pairs stay for 6 months in most cases, however they can stay for up to 12 months with your family*.

*Visa conditions apply.

6. Is there an au pair orientation?

Yes we provide an extensive orientation program with au pairs to ensure they understand all aspects of their work and life in Canada.

7. Who pays for flights?

The au pairs pay for their own flights to and from Canada.

8. What about insurances?

Au Pairs must be added to your car insurance if driving. For more information regarding any forms of insurance, please see our terms and conditions or contact us for advice. All au pairs have their own medical and travel insurance as a requirement with our agency.

9. Driving?

If your au pair is required to drive, they MUST be added to your insurance. It is also up to the family to check the au pair is a confident driver and assess this when they first arrive. Some au pairs will need practice and possibly one driving lesson to get used to driving your car.

10. Do au pairs have First aid certificates?

Yes all au pairs with our agency have a first aid certificate from their home country.

11. What reference checks are done?

All au pairs have reference checks, personal interviews with our partner agents to determine program suitability, medical and police clearance checks. This gives you peace of mind.

12. What do we do if there is a concern once our AP arrives?

Contact one of our friendly staff for more assistance. Our staff have lots of experience dealing with both families and au pairs and we will endeavour to make the experience the best it can be for your family. We also offer a replacement guarantee within first month of your placement*.

*Conditions apply.

1. What program is best for me?

The most suitable program depends on your experience, visa, English level, length of stay and personal preferences. We offer full time au pair, part time au pair and demi pair with school. Please consult one of our friendly staff if you are unsure.

2. I don’t have childcare experience, can I still apply?

Yes – the full time au pair program does require experience. However, if you don’t have sufficient experience you may apply for the Demi pair or part time programs.

3. What visa do I need?

A Working Holiday Visa is required for the full time au pair program in Canada. You can apply for the demi pair program with a Student Visa. Please contact us for more information.

4. How do I know I will be in a good location?

Canada is a very large country and it is important you have local knowledge of the area you intend to stay. We will provide detailed outlines of families and their location to ensure it matches your criteria. The last thing you want is to end up in a small country town when you wanted to large city.

5. What checks are done for families?

Police clearance checks are done for all families with our agency for the au pairs peace of mind. Families are also either met in person or via a phone interview with our staff prior to their first placement. It is important that au pairs also meet the family via skype for an interview before confirming the placement.

6. What support is provided?

Our staff can assist you throughout your entire stay. We offer support in Canada and personalized service to each au pair and family. Au Pairs are also invited to attend au pair events, provided for free by our agency! These include paddle boarding, BBQs, afternoon tea and beach events. We want you to have the best experience possible as an au pair!

7. What level of English is required to be an au pair?

For full time au pairs, intermediate to advanced English is a requirement. Applicants who do not meet this criteria are able to apply for the demi pair or part time programs.

8. How do I meet other au pairs?

Our au pair agency organises free events for au pairs to attend throughout the stay. We also have an interactive Community Site where au pairs can meet others who live closeby and are members of our agency. It is important that all au pairs are able to socialize to avoid homesickness so we like to support this process.

9. What happens if I am unhappy with family?

Communication is the key for concerns between the family and au pair. We will provide assistance to any of our au pairs experiencing difficulties. We will try to resolve the issues first, and if this is not possible we can offer an alternative solution. The majority of our au pairs are very happy and we are proud to say the number with concerns is minimal!

Being an au pair, or an equivalent, in Canada has numerous benefits. It offers young individuals the opportunity to live abroad and immerse themselves in Canadian culture. They get to experience Canada's diverse and multicultural society, picturesque landscapes, and rich history firsthand. They can also improve their English or French language skills, depending on where in Canada they are living.

  • You get to experience the real Canada!
    If you really want to get to know a country, you need to be where the tourists aren't, and there’s no better way to do this than becoming part of a Canadian family. You’ll experience everyday life as a Canadian joining in with their daily activities, weekend day trips and if you’re lucky sometimes even holidays!You’ll soon become accustomed to their laid back lifestyle, with consistently good weather and barbeques galore – you’ll be running about in your ‘thongs’ like a local in no time (don’t panic that’s just what they call flip flops!)
  • You are guaranteed work for 6 months!
    Whilst the Working Holiday Visa allows you to work in Canada for up to 1 year, you can work with a single employer for a total of 6 months and for a second employer for another 6 months. If you loved being an Au Pair there may be an opportunity for you to work with a new family after your inital placement finishes.
  • You get help and support throughout your entire stay!
    As soon as you book onto the Au Pair in Canada program you will receive our first class help and support. Before you even depart for Canada we are on hand to; guide you through your application, assist you with your Canadian Working Holiday Visa, provide you with competitive flight quotes to Canada and most importantly find you your perfect Au Pair placement.Once you’re in Canada we’ll be there to; fully prepare you for your placement with a two day orientation, help you set up a bank account, ensure your travel to your host family is taken care of, provide you with a dedicated Au Pair Counsellor, put you in contact with other Au Pairs in your area and provide you with 24-hour emergency support and assistance throughout your entire placement!
  • You will earn up to $270 CAD per week, with all food and accommodation included!
    That's about £700 or $1,000 USD per month! You will also receive an end of placement bonus of $500 CAD for completing your 6 month contract, so you can save up all your hard earned cash and then spend the rest of your time in Canada travelling and seeing the sites!
  • You get to choose where you want to work!
    The Au Pair in Canada program will do everything they can to find you your perfect nanny placement. You are encouraged to detail your preferences, so you get to choose the type of family you want to work with and the location you want to live in. We work with families all across Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec.The majority of our families live in the suburbs of popular cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Montreal, but we also have families in the outback if you are looking to experience something totally different in a more remote location.
  • You get to travel in your time off and after your placement!
    Canada is a back packers paradise! With some of the best lakes in the world, as well some of the coolest cities like Tornoto, Vancouver, Hamilton to name a few – there’s so much to see and do! After your Au Pair placement finishes you will still have 6-12 months left on your Working Holiday Visa so you can continue work, or just take the time to relax and travel around the country.


Most of our familes employ an Au Pair to help with their busy lifestyles and take care of their children while they work. However, sometimes a parent may be present throughout the day and simply need an extra set of hands to help look after their kids. Our families love hiring international Au Pairs as it gives their children an insight into a different culture as well as allowing you a chance to experience theirs.

All of the families that we work with have been checked and interviewed by our team in Canada – so we know that you are going to have the best possible experience. The family is required to provide you with your own room, all meals, a weekly salary and a bonus upon completion of your placement.

Our host families are looking for responsible, reliable and honest people who have childcare experience and enjoy spending time with children. They like Au Pairs who have hobbies and interests, so make sure you talk about these in your application. We will match you with a family whose needs match your experience and whose lifestyle you will feel comfortable with. Remember you get to choose the family that you are going to live with!

Demi-Pair & Part-Time/ Short-Term Package:

  • Age: 18 +
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Love children.
  • Willing to help with housework.
  • Have ability to interact and communicate with all family members.
  • Outgoing personality, active and responsible.
  • Working Holiday Visa OR Student Visa.
  • 3 months of stay or more.
  • Demi pairs don’t need to speak fluent English.
  • Demi pairs don’t need to have experience or childminder qualification.

Full-time Au Pair Package:

  • Age: 18 +
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Love children.
  • Willing to help with housework.
  • Have ability to interact with all family members.
  • Outgoing personality, active and responsible.
  • Working Holiday Visa ONLY.
  • 5 months of stay or more.
  • Au pairs need intermediate level of English, equivalent to 5.0 in IELTS.
  • Au pairs don’t need to have childminder qualification – but experience with children is required.
  • Reference letters from previous jobs or work experience with children, describing the job, responsibility, commitment, personality and level of interaction with work colleagues and children.
  • Minimum 100 hours of childminding (it can include babysitting or volunteer work)
  • One-page letter introducing yourself to family, with one photo or more.

If au pair doesn’t have the experience necessary to join the Full-time Au Pair program, please consider the Demi-Pair OR the Part-time/ Short-term as a stepping stone.

After 3 months working as Demi-Pair or Part-Time, you will have the experience, hours and references you need to register for the Full-time Au Pair Program!!

Visa Requirements

Our au pair agency does not place au pairs with tourist visas. Au Pairs need to be eligible for a working holiday visa or a student visa. Please check before applying to avoid disappointments and delay. All applications for visas must be applied for in the home country.

Visa Options: Student Visas & Working Holiday visa

To start your search for the perfect au pair today please follow the following steps:

Step One:

Register Online

Fill in the application form HERE and we will reply within 24 hours and will assist in collecting all relevant information necessary to complete your profile.

Step Two:

Complete Your Profile

We will assist you to create your profile so that we can find an Au Pair that will be perfect for your family. Tell us about your family and your needs and we’ll do the rest!

Step Three:


Our agency will exchange information with family and au pair for interview. Interview guidelines will be provided. It is up to the family to determine at this stage if a candidate is suitable.

Step Four:


We will send an Agreement Form and invoice for payment.

Step Five:

Pre Arrival Information

Flight details are confirmed with family and au pair. Pre departure information is provided to the family and au pair to ensure everything runs smoothly for the au pairs arrivals.

Step Six:

Ongoing Support

Orientation for au pairs and family follow ups. Continued information and support for families should questions or concerns arise. We look after you every step of the way to maximize the experience for all parties.

Once you have decided that you want to apply, head over to the Apply Now page and follow instructions. To give you a quick summary - you need to follow the instructions, where you will "Book and Apply" onto the Au Pair in Canada package by submitting some basic details and paying £145 deposit (don't worry, this will be refunded in full if you are not accepted onto the program)!

The application:
Once you have paid your deposit, you will be emailed an application form which you need to complete and submit as instructed. This application form and other resources will also be presented to our host families, so make sure you complete it in full.

The application forms include questions about your childcare experience, work history, education, interests, hobbies and other personal information. Once your application has been received and approved, our office will get in touch to arrange a suitable time and date for your face-to-face interview.

We would advise you to apply about 4 to 6 months before you wish to depart, just so we have plenty of time to find you your perfect Au Pair placement. However, we are also able to find last minute placements and our turnaround time can be as quick as 4-6 weeks should you need it. Your exact departure date will depend on your host family’s requirements and will be determined once a placement has been accepted.

Please note: you are not required to make any additional payments to Au Pair in Canada until a placement has been confirmed. So you've got nothing to lose - what are you waiting? APPLY TODAY!


To work as an Au Pair in Canada you need to complete an application, which will be sent to you once you have booked and paid a deposit. When completing your application you can select to apply for the following programmes, depending on your childcare experience and qualifications:


If you have a minimum of 150 hours childcare experience with children aged 3 and over, you can apply for the Au Pair in CANADA program. You can expect a salary of up to $230 AUD per week for this role.


If you have a minimum of 200 hours childcare experience including 100 hours experience with children aged 3 and under, you can apply for the Au Pair in Canada Plus programme. You can expect a salary of up to $230 AUD per week for this role.


You can apply for the Au Pair Professional programme if you have one of the following...
- 2 years full time childcare experience
- A childcare degree
- A childcare related certification
- Have completed 12 months as an Au Pair in America
You can expect a salary of up to $270 AUD per week for this role.

Your suitability for these roles will be discussed at your interview, which will be arranged by our head office once you have submitted your application