Are au pairs cheaper than nannies?

Live in Nanny vs Au pairs, What’s the difference

The biggest difference of the Au Pair program is the price. First of all, unlike with many other childcare services, the cost doesn’t depend on the number of children you have. If you have more than two kids, you know how expensive childcare gets. Our families usually have more than two kids, often of different ages. Au Pairs will take care of everyone, regardless of their school arrangements.

au-pair-canada-agencyThe costs to host an Au Pair include the agency placement fee and au pair pocket money (paid weekly). There are a few extra costs, which may include optional car use costs, a family police check, and a compulsory completion bonus for the Au Pair.

Contact Au Pair Canada to find out the details. As a leading au pair agency in the country, we will find an au pair for you wherever you are in Canada.

Au Pair vs. Daycare

It is really difficult to find a daycare that is both close to your home and affordable. The cost will add up depending on the hours your kids spend there and the number of your kids. Contact us and save hundreds on childcare.

Au Pair vs. Nanny

Professional nannies often charge per hour. The price will depend if the nanny works with a specialized agency. An Au Pair will help take care of kids of any age at a fraction of a cost.

Au Pair vs. Babysitter

The biggest drawback of hiring a babysitter is how irregular their services are and a few inconveniences. Even though babysitters charge much less than nannies, you will need to take them home or hire a taxi for them if you are out late. An Au Pair is always there with you.