What Type of Au pair Would You Be?

Your character and personality

Taking care of children may sound easy, we may think that with some games everything will be controlled. Big mistake! Many times we forget to take into account the character and personality factor that we all have (Yes, this quality that makes us different and unique and that from childhood will be evident), so be prepared, considering that each child has a different personality will help you to Don’t get a miniature surprise during this trip.

Let’s think about some combinations: What if on the one hand you are a calm Au Pair, not so dynamic and the children you have to take care of are pure dynamite? What a challenge! These little ones will not be exactly the adventurers, pirates or cowboys that you imagine and perhaps those princesses at home do not need so much story … Oh surprise! They prefer to run and get muddy! 

As an aspirant to be an extraordinary Au Pair you must first know your personality very well to decide with which family the chemistry will be the best. It is a matter of looking for a family that is more suited to your character, remember that it depends a lot on whether your experience is enriching and as satisfying as you can imagine.    

Below we will review possible scenarios so that you are fully prepared:

Au pair for little ones or not so little ones?

There is something very clear when it comes to babysitting; It will never be the same to take care of a child from 2 to 5 years old, than  from 6 to 12 years old. The dynamics are obviously different, so you should take into account that a child under 5 years old is a little more demanding, it will depend on you absolutely and you will not be able to put many tasks on them, you will try more to distract them. On the other hand, with a child older than this age, you will have a little more freedom, you will know that you can leave him tasks a little more complicated, or simply monitor what he does more and not be glued to him all day.

Au pair for boys or girls?

We always have a preference either for girls or boys, this is due to our way of being. If you have no problem working with both of them, what better, but if this is not the case … try to be very careful when choosing a family. I know it sounds cliché, but sometimes these details help us avoid future conflicts.

Condescending or strict au pair?

Yes, they are charming, yes, they will make you laugh a lot and yes, with those cute faces it is difficult to be a little harsh with them. But you have to be very careful. Imagine that you are the calmest type, the type who does not like to draw attention to or punish children, but in your future home abroad the little ones are complicated, a little capricious and need a “behavior” from time to time . If you are that condescending and have such tremendous children, with grief, sooner or later they will make you suffer, I’m sorry, not everything is honey on flakes. You will need to look for calmer children, perhaps the smallest are the ideal ones for you and not so much the pre-teens. In the same way, if you love order, discipline and do not have conflict when reprimanding them when they deserve it, a very young child is not a good idea, let’s face it order with them is not something very common.

Anyway, these are just some situations in which you could find yourself. We know that they are few examples, but they are to give us an idea of ​​what could be in store for us in terms of little ones. Remember that in order to achieve a close to perfect chemistry with your future family you must know as much as you can about them and their children. Especially children, you will become the older sister and the least you want is to be a grumpy sister or a sister who says yes to everything. Meditate on this point so that in your future placement interviews you will touch on the subject of the character and personality of your future little siblings and choose the most suitable for you.      

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