Becoming an au pair to travel

Becoming an au pair is a great way to travel. Its cost effective in the sense that you have free accommodation, free food and a small salary at the end of every month. Any person who has been bitten by the travel bug would be crazy not to try it. Understandably there are pros and cons to this way of travel. This blog has been designed to ensure you’re making the right decision and to guide you through the basics before you get started as Au pair Canada. I am a person who responds very well to working under pressure and I like working stressful hours with hard labour and constant challenges. So in my mind, being an au pair Canada would be a piece of cake.

Little did I realise, I don’t actually like cake. I’ve never worked an easy job and so I found the relaxed pace of au pair life very unsatisfying. I also like constant change and being an au pair does not provide that. I realise that there are people like me out there and that there are also people who very much appreciate the slower pace of life. I have been an independent adult for 3 years and then I decided to become an au pair to travel a little bit. You lose your independence as an au pair. Although your host family wont question your where abouts and probably won’t give you any curfews, you still live in their house and you live life their way. It’s tricky to maintain your dignity during your stay because you live in that house and you are essentially treated half as family and half as staff. You will lose control over your diet because you will be eating their food, with them, and it’s hard to help yourself to someone else’s fridge whenever you want. You will, at times feel out of place and not know where you belong. Not wanting to hide in your room all day but also, not wanting to invade the family’s space.

If you feel that you can handle this in exchange for a free place to stay, eat and a small salary in some exotic place you’ve always to go to, then go for it. You will never know if you like it without trying it first!

This blog will have some tips for the face paced kids and chill bunnies to make the overall experience awesome for you as an individual. Hopefully by the end of this, you will be confident that you are doing what’s best for you and your travel experience. Before we get started I will quickly give you a background story of how I came about my au pair experience and will do my best to help you have a quick and clean execution. I had already set up a profile on the new au pair website, but I hadn’t put a lot of effort into it. I assumed that eventually something would come up and all would be fine. Then one day I had just broken up with my boyfriend, had a bad weekend with my friends and was just sick of everyone around me. I decided it was time to get out of my rut of a life RIGHT NOW! So that night I logged onto my profile and made it really scream out the kind of person I was and the grab the attention of the type of family I wanted. And a few hours later, I found my family. The next day I had my skype interview and we were both really happy with each other so I signed my contract, bloged my ticket and two and a half weeks later I was in Denmark with them. The family I chose is a great family, the lifestyle they live was so easy to adapt to. I was so happy to just leap into a brand new life and really get to enjoy my youth by seeing some of the world. Being an au pair is just fantastic in this sense. You can travel alone, but you’re completely safe and looked after. My goal is to help you find your host family as easily as I did and to help you know how to choose the right people for you.

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