What do we offer?

We are delighted to introduce to you, the opportunity of employing an Au Pair. We have many Au Pairs
who would love to visit Canada to work; regions include Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South America,
and the United Kingdom.

 Comprehensive Au Pair Screening abroad including personal interview to assess the Au Pair’s suitability for the program, verifying recent childcare and character references and a clean police record. We will recommend a candidate only if the references and interview indicate that our high standards have been met.
 Evaluation of the Au Pair’s qualifications to ensure she qualifies to enter Canada as an Au Pair under the Working Holiday Visa category.
 Consultation with you, our Client and potential Employer, with regards to your specific childcare needs, personality and anticipated start date of the Au Pair.
 Presenting selections of Au Pairs for your review and consideration ‐ this includes the Au Pair’s CV and personal contact information.
 Making sure Au Pairs undergoes a medical exam before entering Canada and working with your children.
 Preparation of the Employment contract
 Providing helpful information to you on hiring an au pair  in Canada including and problem solving in regards to hiring and living with a foreign individual etc.
 Providing extensive information to your Au Pair  and how to deal with culture shock and the Canadian culture.
 Guidance, follow‐up and support to the Employer and the Au Pair during the process, arrival and term of employment by our head office and local agents. We believe that continuous follow‐up is the best way to avoid problems down the road.
 Agency Guarantee upon arrival of the Au Pair
 Supplying your Au Pair with contact details of other Au Pairs in the area (if applicable).

Family fees (for Canadian families to host an Au pair in Canada)
Family Fees for Canadian familiesRepeat family
Placement Fee
NEW family
*Placement Fee
Au pair Canada (The Au pair has a minimum 100 hrs of childcare experience, most of most of our Au pairs are in this category)
Au pair Plus = (This Au Pair can care for children aged under 2, with a little EXTRA more childcare experience or is a native English speaker)
Au pair Professional= Candidates have either:
- a formal qualification (degree or diploma) in childcare
- over 500 hrs work experience in a child-care related job
- previous au pair or nanny experience

The agency fee is payable upon signing the Employment Contract. Registration and Consultation is FREE.